Six Month Smiles

Straight Teeth. Less Time. Clear Braces.

Do you find yourself having to cover up your teeth when you talk, laugh, or smile?

If so, you are not alone among the millions of adults who are unhappy, self-conscious, and embarrassed about their smile and Hollar Dental Group may have the perfect solution for you.

We offer a safe, effective, and affordable braces system designed especially for adults like you. Traditional orthodontics can often make adults feel uncomfortable with the idea of wearing metal braces and they tend to worry about invasive or expensive treatment. Our office can provide you with an alternative solution that is both efficient and affordable, as well as esthetically pleasing through the use of Six Month Smiles®.





Six Month Smiles® is an innovative system that utilizes ultra-clear brackets to gently straighten and cosmetically align teeth in an average of only six months! The use of clear brackets and tooth-colored wires make the braces barely visible and its low forces and short overall treatment time increases comfort, safety, and hygiene for our patients. Six Month Smiles® is a less expensive alternative to traditional braces and has shown to provide the most conservative and best predictable final result in cosmetic dentistry. Best of all, at the end of your short-term treatment, we will boost your confidence and include your very own whitening kit to go along with your new straight smile!

Our specialized team is here to help you feel and look your best and we can answer any questions you may have regarding treatment or financial and insurance coverage.

Call today and schedule a FREE consultation with our team to learn more about Six Month Smiles® and see if it is right for you!


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