There’s a reason many of their patients opt to drive from Fort Wayne, Indy and beyond to visit this office.


Dr. Steve Hollar is by far the best dentist I’ve ever been to. I have had a lot issues with my teeth in my life and see many dentists; however, none quite compare! Everyone within the office is kind and helpful. They show a great deal of caring and personal interest in their patients.

Christine S

The front desk are polite and friendly! The dental assistants are genuinely kind and so helpful! Dr Steve is very knowledgeable and provides a very empathetic understanding with a huge heart for his patients.

I can’t say enough good about this dental office because they [have already and are continuing to] help make a difference that has changed my life. Aside from the amazing work they do here, they also provide a warm-hearted atmosphere that helps put me at ease as I have anxiety in dental work.

I have had some pretty bad luck with dentistry, and have been afraid to see additional dentists because of it.

Sean K.

My experience at Hollar Dental group has been fantastic. From the very get to, I felt understood and listened to. My expectations were set and if something couldn’t meet my expectation, I felt the explanation I was given properly addressed it.

I am a 30 year old male with a full top denture, after my corrective hard reline, I do not need to use denture glue, and I no longer have any mouth irritation.

Thank you to the staff at Hollar Dental Group. I left excited to smile, and comforted knowing if I have any additional issues arise, I can have them addressed without feeling anxiety about it.

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