Which Doctor Will I See

Which doctor will I see during my first visit?

If you have not specifically requested to see one of our doctors, we will schedule you on the first available, most convenient appointment time. You will be seen by the doctor that is available. If you request to see a particular doctor, we will schedule an appointment with that doctor for you.

Will I see the same doctor for all my treatment?

Yes. However, if a different doctor has an expertise in a particular procedure, your doctor may recommend you see that doctor for that special service.

Can I see my doctor if I have an emergency?

Certainly, but only if they are available. We have established an expanded scheduling system to ensure a doctor will always be available to assist patients in the event of an emergency at any time throughout the week. Our schedule also ensures that each patient will eventually meet each doctor.

Can I see my same hygienist at my future cleaning visits?

Yes. However, you must specifically request the hygienist you would like to see. Since we generally schedule continuing care visits six-months in advance, it can be hard for us to schedule you with a particular hygienist EVERY time. However, most times we are able to accommodate this request. Unforeseen scheduling changes may occur, for example your hygienist may be on vacation the week of your cleaning, but we may not have been aware of this at the time your appointment was scheduled. Rather than cancel your appointment, you will be temporarily placed with another one of our highly trained hygienists for that visit.

May I refer a friend or family member to a particular doctor?

Certainly! Please feel free to refer your friends or family to any doctor in our office. We will make every effort to ensure they see the doctor of their choice.

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